About Us

Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) is the first private sector cement manufacturing company in Bangladesh established in 1994 with having 4,80,000 M/T annual production capacity at Chittagong.  Confidence Cement Ltd. is the first ISO-9002 certified Cement Manufacturer in Bangladesh. It has a unique management system in Quality Assurance, Marketing, Sales and Procurements. It Manufactures Portland Cement and Portland Composite Cement. CCL aims to be the number one cement manufacturing company in Bangladesh,  through continuous development and by producing high and consistent quality Cement to meet all customers requirement at all time.

Our Goal

Every Goal undertaken by Confidence Cement has to be aligned with the Vision, Mission and Value statements mentioned above and as such subsequent Goals have been fixed for the year 2014.
  •  To ensure that Confidence Cement and Confidence RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) achieves the feat of being the best brand in cement and RMC business within Greater Chittagong Division.
  •  To generate a total Gross Revenue of BDT 575 crore and PBT (Profit Before tax) of BDT 55 crore. In terms of sales volume this shall result in 650,000 MT in cement and ……..CFT in RMC.
  •  Adopting modern Business Automation Tools and Processes in managing all aspects of business and in the process adopting the Group Information Technology Policy.
  •  Improve our levels of employee engagement to continue developing a positive work environment that attracts and retains talented people and in the process adopting the Group Human Resource Policy.
  •  Drive business transformation to achieve excellence in safety, people, plants and processes in line with Confidence Group benchmark targets for employee productivity and operational efficiency.
  •  Build on relations with key stakeholders to improve interaction and enhance Confidence Cement brand reputation.